Pork loin of Molise Iallonardi

Pork loin of Molise Iallonardi

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Locally-sourced loin from rigorously selected swine of Molise. The selected meats are salted, kneaded, naturally aromatized, filled into natural bowels and aged for 55-60 days.
The result is a compact and lean product, savoury and delicate, very good for aperitifs and starters in a cheese or grilled vegetable platters.

Size: 500 g.


Let’s know it better

The loin is a portion of the pig’s neck end, deprived of the majority of fat, salted and slightly aromatized.

More specifically, the meats selected by our Meat Artisan are salted, worked and naturally aromatized and stuffed into natural animal bowels and seasoned for 55-60 days. Throughout the process spices and aromatic herbs are also added. In the past for aging they used to wrap the meat in a cloth, a method we revived to give further prominence to this kind of processing. The meat is not minced, so the product is compact and lean.

How to taste

Ideal as a starter or aperitif, it has a very good looking appearance when laid on a platter next to fresh cheese or seasonal vegetables.
Its pleasant and delicate taste is very suitable for a matching with a red, not-too-strong and easy-to-drink wine or a classic white.


In the town of Isernia Iallonardi family has a centennial tradition in pork processing, with recipes with a “secret” handed down from father to son.

The company locally sources its pigmeat. The production cycle is weekly and it is completely carried out within the company. Meat deboning, cleaning and cuts are all completely hand-made while trimming and filling are implemented through appropriate machinery.



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