Home-made Soppressata of Molise

Home-made Soppressata of Molise

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Exclusively lean pigmeat (ham and fillet), salt, pepper and natural flavours.

Iallonardi’s soppressata is a two-month aging, locally-sourced handmade product, with the typical and extravagant flat shape.

It is aromatic and enveloping to taste: it can be enjoyed as a starter or aperitif or to enrich main courses.

Size: approx. 250 g.


Let’s know it better

Soppressata is a very elaborate kind of cured meats, exclusively made with the leanest parts of the pigmeat: ham and fillet. It is obtained from coarse-grained pigmeat which is then stuffed into natural casings. It’s left to dry for 5/6 days and wrapped in a cloth with weights put on it that give it the characteristic shape. Later on, 2 months aging.

How to taste

It can be served as a very good aperitif or tasty starter together with fresh or medium-aged cheeses and raw or cooked vegetables, accompanied by a slice of home-made bread.

It can also be enjoyed on pizza and, once diced, it can be used in various and savoury first dishes.

It is aromatic and enveloping to taste: it can be perfectly matched with dry sparkling wines or young red wines too, very fresh in acidity.


In the town of Isernia, Iallonardi family has a centennial tradition in pork processing, with recipes with a “secret” handed down from father to son.
The company locally sources its pigmeat. The production cycle is weekly and it is completely carried out within the company. Meat deboning, cleaning and cuts are all completely hand-made while trimming and filling are implemented through appropriate machinery.



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