Elderberry extra velouté

Elderberry extra velouté

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Elderberry and sugar. An intense-flavoured, one-of-a-kind velouté with a slightly tangy aftertaste. Excellent for tarts and sweets, delicious with goat’s milk ricotta.

Elderberry’s fruits have various healthy properties, in particular for the digestive system function.

Sizes: 50 g , 220 g



Intense-flavoured with a slightly tangy aftertaste that will thrust your head out to the wilderness where elderberries grow. A velouté different to the common ones with absolutely no colourings or additives, deriving from a plant remarkably beneficial to health.

How to taste

Excellent for breakfast or as a natural and fanciful snack, ideal for tarts and sweets. Delicious when matched with goat’s milk ricotta.

How healthy it is

Elderberries are rich in fibres and dietary elements such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, sodium and calcium beneficial to the digestive system and useful to prevent constipation.

The value of tradition

Few and simple ingredients, prepared with the same care and passion of the olden days. All jams of “Il Fruttuoso Carmelo” are delicacies of the highest organoleptic and nutritional quality.


Store in dry and dark place, possibly at no less than 20°C. After opening, keep the pot refrigerated and consume within 3-4 weeks.





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