Raw ham Salumi Iallonardi

Raw ham Salumi Iallonardi

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Locally-sourced raw ham from rigorously selected swine of Molise. The meats are processed with ancient mastery and stored in technologically advanced environments.

Processing and aging give our ham a taste rich in subtleties, which can be appreciated even with a simple slice of bread (better salt-free) and a good glass of a sweet red wine.

Size: 1000 g.


Let’s know it better

Our ham comes from locally-sourced swine, selected according to their age and weight. Meat processing sees the chilling of pigs’ hind legs and a subsequent trimming activity.

At a later stage, the salting procedure is implemented in two phases, after which the meat undergoes a two weeks period in a refrigerating room with a follow-up rest in a humidity-controlled cell for not less than eighty days. The ham is then washed with water, dried and hung in ventilated rooms, according to tradition.

Throughout such a process, the meat is covered with pig fat and spices to prevent it from excessive drying.
After at least six months, the ham is taken to specific cellars where it’s left aging for a period ranging from 18 to 24 months.

How to taste

This ham has a very multifaceted taste so, in order to better appreciate its qualities, we suggest you to follow some simple rules.

First of all, it preferably goes with unsalted bread since this kind of cured meat has its own peculiar flavour that it would be a pity to alter.

Hand cutting or machine slicing? There’s no valid scientific reason to prefer one to the other. For sure a slicer guarantees more uniform and thinner slices: for an ideal tasting experience, the slices shouldn’t be thicker than two mm.

Lastly, this ham is not to be tasted straight from the fridge: the product must be at room temperature in order for its fats to be properly “dissolved”.

For a tasty break or a starter, raw ham is very suitable for a matching with an easy-to-drink, not-too-robust red wine, a classic white or a fresh rose wine.


In the town of Isernia, Iallonardi family has a centennial tradition in pork processing, with recipes with a “secret” handed down from father to son.

The company locally sources its pigmeat. The production cycle is weekly and it is completely carried out within the company. Meat deboning, cleaning and cuts are all completely hand-made while trimming and filling are implemented through appropriate machinery.



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