Caciocavallo cheese by Sardella

Caciocavallo cheese by Sardella

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Every stage of the cheesemaking is rigorously controlled and hand-made, from milking to packaging.

In the cheese factory in our farm, we make caciocavallo cheeses of various ageings, exclusively made from our own milk. In the heart of the Biferno valley, in the pristine nature right below the Oratino’s watchtower, we only use natural products and ranch 180 heads of cattle to produce 1600 kg of milk per day and make a unique product out of it.

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400 g. 

Handmade cheese from Molise by Azienda Agricola Sardella: a very original taste, a real must-try!


Caciocavallo cheese


Raw cow’s milk, rennet, salt.

Delicious handmade caciocavallo cheese, five-month aged. Ideal for starters and bruschette or grilled. Pure excellence from Molise.


Keep in a cool and dry place and away from direct light.

The best aged cheese. 

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