Igro saw the light when professionals in Molise, coming from different fields of studies, first met, united by the passion for their land and the wine and food products of the Mediterranean tradition. Sharing their manifold experiences in Italy and abroad has brought to light common experiences: the importance of “Made in Italy” wine and food and the necessity for its protection, valorisation and promotion starting from our own domestic market. Hence the desire to involve wine and food producers of excellence in a network where they could gain access to whole new markets through the web, presenting and selling their products in their virtual, tailor-made shop. Igro project’s innovation is in coordinating multimedia and distribution channels through network-oriented actions both in a virtual and real basis in order to create a community where it is constantly possible to monitor product and service standards, boost meeting opportunities between producers and consumers and optimize order, delivery and management times. Igro considers direct producers and online consumers as partners within a local network which, implemented by the social media, contributes to the best products information and ongoing monitoring of quality standards for the benefit of the whole community.

Who we are

The working group is founded on essential values such as ethics, subsidiarity, cooperation, meritocracy and vision. Igro conceives the virtual network as an extension of the real network, as a meeting place between niche wine and food producers and informed customers, which is in turn included in a wider partnership programme with subjects involved in promoting a higher quality of life and local integrated development. Igro aims at high excellence standards when it comes to people selection, even before products themselves, and in the geographical area before companies: in order to please an audience of enthusiasts who can recognise the value of a good and healthy cuisine.