Cured meats from Molise

Cured meats from Molise

Online cured meats from Molise – Gourmet products from Molise –

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The authenticity of typical cured meats. High-end wine and food from Molise straight to your table. Fast shipping in safe packaging.

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Capocollo molisano Salumi Iallonardi
Soppressata dolce molisana Salumi Iallonardi
Lonza molisana Salumi Iallonardi
Prosciutto crudo molisano Salumi Iallonardi
 26,00 VAT included
Salsiccia piccante molisana Salumi Iallonardi
Soppressata piccante molisana Salumi Iallonardi
Salsiccia dolce molisana Salumi Iallonardi